In Memorium - Tributes to friends

Gaston Moreau - 2023

Alan Cripps - 2023

Lead Guitar - Singer

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Here is a real character. Al has been my lead guitar player for a number if gigs in 2019. We are thinking about bringing our comedy routines on the road. Al has his own unique sense of humour that will get you laughing or chasing him out of your establishment. LOL Either way, he is a great person to know and call a friend. Al is a very talented lead guitar player with any style of music.

This picture is from Open Mic 2020 at Alice's in Carp, Ontario.

Tom Hussey - 10 May 2022

Guitar - Banjo

Thomas Peter Hussey of Ottawa, passed away on May 10th 2022 at the age of 75 after a courageous battle with cancer. He is predeceased by his parents, Francis and Mary Hussey and younger brother Eddie Hussey. He is survived by his siblings, Frankie Hussey, Johnny Hussey, Arland O'Hara, Kathy Sutherland, and Danny Hussey. Tom was a proud and loving father to Jay Hussey (Juke) and Sara Lytle (Chuck). The lights of his life were his grandchildren Sydney, Jake, Sefton and Charlie. Friends and family will forever reflect on wonderful memories with Tom whenever they hear the sounds of country greats like Merle Haggard, or a bluegrass tune. When a line is cast into a lake or river in the Ottawa Valley, a smile will soon follow for those thinking about Tom's passion for fishing and the always sage advice he would have for less experienced anglers-or as he referred to them, his friends. Those close to Tom know him as a self-taught 'round the bonfire guitar player and a strong advocate for all music that combined a banjo with a glass of wine. He could pick and grin with the best of them and was very proud to have held the title of President of the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame from 2018-2021. Tom had a long career in sales and business management in the paper and printing industry in Ottawa.

Jan McCausland - 8 Feb 2022

Rhythm Guitar - Singer

Jan and Doug are both from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Jan loves to sing and entertain  the audience. Doug has known Jan and her husband Graham in the background since 2013 when Doug just started playing guitar.

Jan asked Doug to join her on a fundraiser. They entertained shoppers outdoors and had a great time. Doug had just started to wear his first Canadian Troubadour hat and create the national Canadian image. Doug was dressing in red and the fancy shirts and new stage wear came later.

Peter Benner - 30 Sept 2021

Radio Manager for CKCR in Killaloe, Ontario

Friends were stunned by the news of his sudden passing on September 30 while visiting his recently widowed mother in his hometown of Port Colborne, just two days after his 65th birthday.

Peter was a huge supporter of indie music artists, and his support of Doug was no exception.

Peter had Doug on the air for his first three studio album releases and shared many stories together in and out of the studio.

Donald Lascelle - 15 May 2021

Rhythm Guitar - Singer

We are sad to announce that on May 15, 2021, Donald Lascelle (Arnprior, Ontario) passed away. 

He was predeceased by : his wife Patricia. He is survived by : his children, Christine McCarthy (John), Derek and Dean (Mallorie); his grandchildren, Patrick, Daniel and Enver; his siblings, Joan and Shirley; and his sister-in-law Madeleine. He is also survived by extended family and friends.

Don and Doug met each other at the Arnprior Legion Jams and became close friends with their love of music. Don assisted many beginner musicians including Doug to learn new music skills.

Gord Lapierre - Dec 2019

Lead Guitar Player - Singer

Gordie passed away in December of 2019. He was an amazing lead player and singer that was second to none in Doug's opinion. He backed Doug up several times on stage with no rehearsals and he had such a good ear and memory for music.

Doug watched Gord on one occasion backing a beginner player. He changed his tempo to match the beginner, including the strumming pattern. The beginner was struggling but Gordie matched everything that was being played. When Doug asked Gordie why he matched the beginner player, rather than force the correct tempo etc., Gordie replied that the musician was not strong enough yet, so it was easier for him to match the weaker player and make him sound great. He told Doug, that is his job as a backup musician. Doug will never forget that very important lesson from Gordy.