In Memorium - Tributes to friends

Gord Lapierre

Lead Guitar Player - Singer

Gordie passed away in December of 2019. He was an amazing lead player and singer that was second to none in my opinion. He backed me up several times on stage with no rehearsals and he had such a good ear and memory for music.

I watched him on one occasion backing a beginner player. He changed his tempo to match the beginner, including the strumming pattern. The beginner was struggling but Gordie matched everything that was being played. When I asked Gordie why he matched the beginner player, rather than force the correct tempo etc., Gordie replied that the musician was not strong enough yet, so it was easier for him to match the weaker player and make him sound great. He told me, that is his job as a backup musician. I will never forget that very important lesson Gordy.

Peter Benner

Radio Manager for CKCR in Killaloe, Ontario

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