Canadian Folk Classics - 2021

Being Released 30th July 2021

Canadian patriotism is very important to Doug and involves an attachment of Canadians to their homeland and culture through music. 

Canadian Nationalism has a unique and distinct culture from a wide multicultural base of singers, songwriters, entertainers and recording artists from coast to coast. Doug is very assertive that there is One Canada or One Nation. Canadians can express multiple identities within a Canadian identity.

Canadian Identity can be difficult to identify with so many cultures within one country with one of the largest land masses on the planet earth. As stated in the lyrics of "Something To Sing About", Canada is "A land that's still young, with a ballad that's still unsung". Doug hopes to focus on Canadian Patriotism and National Pride through Canadian music and a promise of great things to come.


Canadian folk Classics - 2021


Some of Canada's best singers, songwriters and entertainers have created or performed these great Canadian tunes. Doug hopes that you will enjoy this music as much as the entire team had in creating the music for you.

Travellin' Man was written by Al Rain from Toronto for the Tommy Hunter Show's closing theme song that ran on CBC for 27 years and (TNN) The Nashville Network for 9 years.

Oscar Brand, Gordon Lightfoot, Hank Snow, Ian Tyson, The Band, Ron Hynes and Leonard Cohen have also created great Canadian tunes that are masterpieces for Canada that are known and performed around the world.

Music Production Team

Credits - Canadian Folk Classics

Douglas Smith - (Executive Producer - Lead Singer)

Richard Allen - (Engineer - Guitars)

Rodger Coulombe - (Guitars - 5 String Banjo - Tenor Banjo - Harmony vocals - Piano)

Brian Hebert - (Music Producer - Arrangements - Acoustic Guitar - Percussion - Fiddles)

Mark Lemieux - (Drums)

Brian Ostrom - (Pedal Steel Guitar)

Willy Rivet - (Bass)

Bailey Rogers - Harmony Vocals

Rick Rogers - Harmony Vocals