Danby's Saturday Jam

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Danbys Roadhous, 6127 Perth Street, Richmond

Host: Mike Belajac The Danby’s Saturday Jam was started by Ottawa Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, the late Tom T. Hill, at Danby’s previous location in Munster. The “Baconator”, Mike Belajac, assumed hosting duties in the Fall of 2016 and continues to host the Danby’s Saturday Jam with occasional guest hosts throughout the season.

The 2022/23 Danby’s Saturday Jam takes place at Danby’s Roadhouse in Richmond, Ontario, every Saturday at 1pm until 5pm beginning on Saturday, October 1st, 2022 and continuing weekly until mid June. Any updates to dates or times will be posted on the page. The Saturday Jam will respect any COVID protocols put in place by the Province of Ontario to help ensure everyone remains safe and healthy. Of course, these rules do change over time based on current conditions and we will do our best to make sure that we post any changes to rules on this page as they become available and understood. A sound system will be provided for entertainers. That will normally include 3-4 vocal mics and monitors. Musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments when possible and the host will provide an acoustic guitar for anyone who may want to use it. For pickers choosing to bring their own acoustic guitar, it is highly recommended that it has a built-in pickup as mic'ing an acoustic guitar in this setting rarely works well. Tuners are also highly recommended along with patch cords. There will be many channels available to plug into. Drums, guitar amps and bass amps may not be available every week, however, we intend to use this group page to try have all that as often as possible. Musicians of all levels are welcome to perform. We have has musicians as young as 8 yrs old and as old as 96 yrs old take the stage. Weekly set length will be determined by how many people are getting up to ensure everyone has a turn. We look forward to many more Saturday jams and look forward to seeing you at Danby's Roadhouse each and every Saturday.